FAQs and Reviews

Sasi Wallpaper: FAQs and Reviews

Sasi Wallpaper has a large selection of wallpapers and can also do printed, graffiti and textured murals to suit your interior design needs. With such a large range of murals, you may rest assured that your demands and expectations will be fulfilled, if not exceeded! 

If you are interested in our products, check out some of the most asked questions in our store as well as customer reviews below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the wallpaper damage my wall?

No, wallpaper installation does not damage the wall, but improper wallpaper removal might. Many people have difficulties removing old wallpaper so it is better if you hire someone skilled enough to get it done properly.

Can I use my own images for the mural?

Yes, we can produce mural wallpaper with your images. It is best if the photo has a high resolution ideally at a minimum of 100dpi. Moreover, the photo should be clear enough to get the best quality print possible. Feel free to send your photo via our contact page so we can tell you whether it is suitable for wallpaper printing or not.

How can I know how much wallpaper I need to order?

Calculate how much wallpaper you need by telling us the surface of your wall. To get it, multiply the width and height of your wall. If you have several walls, add the surface of your wall together. If you are still not sure, contact us and we will help you get the accurate measurements.

Are the wallpaper colours seen on your website accurate?

There can be minimal variation between the colours here on the website and the actual product since effects in wallpaper are difficult to display in a photo, especially if it is textured. If you want to be sure of the colour, we can send you some free samples beforehand or you can visit our physical store to see them for yourself. Please take note that there is a delivery charge for the free samples.

How are my orders packaged?

Your orders will arrive on a roll that is cut into 49cm strips that fit your wall height. We usually take 1 to 2 weeks to customize, produce and deliver our products.

Customer reviews

  • I had a fantastic customer experience with Sasi Wallpaper. Their products are beautiful and the staff are also really kind and helpful. Before I placed my order, I had a lot of questions, but they were really helpful with answering them all. I would definitely suggest Sasi Wallpaper and its designs to anybody!
  • I have finally finished the wallpaper installation. It is very simple and seamless when correctly matched. Sasi Wallpaper surely created a fantastic product. Well done! 
  • Every morning when I walk to my living room, the beauty of the wallpaper always makes me smile. Plus, people who visit my home are blown away by the design. Thanks, Sasi Wallpaper!