Trendy interior design themes for your home

Sasi Wallpaper: Trendy interior design themes for your home

Knowing what defines various interior design themes may be more useful than you realize since it can help you select the best style for your space and allow you to attain visual perfection with less effort.

If you enjoy decorating and want to give your home a makeover but don’t know where to begin, these 17 interior design themes below will help you figure out which designs suit you best and where you should go for more ideas. Check them out here at Sasi Wallpaper!

Art Deco

Art Deco, which began in 1925, is best described by its bold and colourful features similar to The Great Gatsby of the 1920s. It combines daring and artistic expression with a dash of uniqueness. Art Deco has theatrical and beautiful features such as:

  • Polished chrome or brass
  • Geometric shapes
  • Graphic patterns
  • Glossy wood furniture
  • Glass and mirrors
  • Sultry lighting 


The urban interior theme focuses on features and designs that convey the vibe of the city inside. This theme features a variety of elements similar to bohemian looks. However, these elements are blended in clear open spaces that float in light hues and clean finishes, giving it a touch of feminine beauty.


The bohemian interior is one of your best bets if you want something more casual. With its global influences, it is even used for vacation souvenirs and party themes since it creates a welcoming atmosphere.

In addition, the bohemian style is linked with free-thinking and free-spirited people who want to show their unique concept of life outside of modern society’s standards. As a result, their distinct personalities are reflected in the decor of their residences as well.

The fanciful touches to bohemian style include beaded decors, tassel and crochet drapes as well as plenty of layering in the form of cushions, rugs, and blankets. It also uses a variety of textures and colours such as natural and metallic as well as warm red and purple tones.

Bohemian themed homes are crowded, both in terms of the number of objects and the shapes and forms they take. The furniture used combines antique and newer pieces. Fabrics and accessories exploded with vivid tones, colours and patterns which created a happy ambience.


Classicism originated in Europe during the 17th and 18th centuries, with impressionist art, music, literature and architecture serving as inspiration. Classic design’s beauty, elegance and simplicity appeal to today’s social conservatives who appreciate lush and formal settings. Here, you will need to have vintage woodwork, thick draperies and golden frames.


Interior design themes that are contemporary and modern are often confused with each other. The key is to remember that ‘modern’ refers to a certain era, while ‘contemporary’ refers to current designs. Those who want to adapt to the times and follow fashion trends should follow a contemporary interior design. Today, contemporary art and design currently adapt to the simplicity of whites, greys and blondes with occasional splashes of other colours.


Country interior design appeals to a wide range of people since it is inspired by the serenity of a country living. Specifically, English Country is a feminine and flowing interior design theme that features flowery fabrics and paintings as well as botanical patterns. Here, the rooms have a cosy and intimate character populated by wood, ceramics and a variety of organic materials.

Warm subdued hues and patterned textiles, as well as papered or stencilled walls are typical design choices in country interiors. Overall, this style has a lot of different components and characteristics working together to produce warmth, flow, and harmony.


Individuality and independence are embodied in eclectic interior design. This theme borrows freely from other styles, blending a wide range of ideas and influences to suit the space and purpose at hand. Eclectic style depends on basic design instincts, achieving harmony via colour, composition, balance, and texture. Here, fabric and texture play an important role in adding layers and variations to the space.


Industrial design, while appearing modern and edgy to the naked eye, is quite rustic since it makes use of exposed steel, wood and brick to create an edgy area. It retains and brings out the beauty of the designs from the 20th century. Industrial interior design themes have a unisex appeal that works well in bigger areas, whether at home or work.

Beams, columns, pipes and ducts are used as accents to give this interior theme a male overtone. Unlike many other modem styles, industrial interior themes do not shy away from roughness but instead, embrace the worn and repurposed designs. It is often the style of choice in warehouse and loft remodellings that compliments steel, concrete or unpainted brickwork.


The vintage design pays homage to the 1940s and 1950s era when people worked with whatever they had on hand to reconstruct their homes and create warm environments in the aftermath of WWII.

Light and neutral tones are used often in vintage style interiors, with bright colours employed mainly for effect. In reality, this is used to improve the aesthetic and provide refined elegance to a historical home.


Minimalist style is popular in bachelor apartments due to its simple style defined by basic furniture, neutral colour palettes and clean lines. It follows the quote ‘less is more’ since it does not have flashy decors or bulky clutters. Here, the use of decors is limited to a bare minimum. Colours are explored in muted tones, with only one or two accents taking the spotlight. Also, the rooms are kept light and lively through huge windows that can let in natural light.


Nautical motifs in interior designs, often found in beach houses and seaside establishments, are inspired by the deep blue sea to generate a sense of adventure and relaxation. The nautical interior design concept is everyone’s chill zone, defined by rustic furnishings, sailing themes, blue colour palettes and boating decors.


Popular oriental interior designs in Asia are often a mix of Japanese and Chinese styles. Chinese design is more lavish, with rich colours such as gold, red, jade and purple. On the other hand, Japanese design, where the Zen theme originated, is minimalist with natural colours. Unlike most designs, Zen spaces are more focused on bringing calm and serenity throughout your day, both inside and out.


Inspired by psychedelic art in the 1960s era, retro design is all about having a good time. Here, pops of colour in art, furniture and ornaments will cheer you up and make you happy.


A rustic interior theme is all about bringing the outdoors in but without the stinging insects or the dangers of bad weather. Colour choices in the rustic design might range from deeper shades of brown to neutral tones. Hand-crafted or reused objects made of wood, leather, natural fibres, wicker and wrought iron are used for the decors. The pieces of furniture are typically built of solid, dark-stained wood with natural leather and rougher textiles for upholstery. 


Scandinavian design has evolved into an art form in and of itself, inspired by the simplicity of Nordic living. To that aim, Scandi colour palettes are typically dominated by black, grey, white and blonde, with splashes of natural materials like furs, leathers, and natural fibres. Scandi interiors also have more rounded and flowing shapes, which gives a cosier atmosphere in even the most basic of layouts and arrangements.

Shabby chic

The Shabby chic interior design, which first appeared in the 1980s, reinterprets the classic British aesthetics which produces soft and feminine visual style. This design finds a balance between the worn appearance of an English farmhouse and distinctively bright and airy rooms. As a result, the mood is romantic, with a taste for the better things in life. 


The beauty of beaches, rainforests and exotic locations you dream about are all reflected in tropical design interiors. This interior design style is inspired by nature and includes an abundance of natural materials and colour palettes typical of the tropics. Here, surfaces are dominated by rich green, turquoise and blue hues. Tropical fruit and palm leaf patterns dominate the wall decor.

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