Five interior design tips you can practice on your flat

Redecorating your home can be challenging if you never thought of looking into interior designs before. However, it has to be done at some point in the future to maintain your home or make it welcoming to other people visiting. Mostly, it has to be done for your sake so you can have a better place to live in the next few years. Here are five tips that can help you keep the right mindset when choosing a new look for your home. 

Choose one item to be the focus of the room 

Interior designers call this item the ‘statement piece’ and it is the focal point of your room or source of the area’s personality. It could be a cosy couch, striking rug, or a welcoming dining table. The rule of thumb is that it is going to be the first item that any visitor will see upon entering the room so decorate its surroundings to complement it. 

Divide open spaces into separate areas

If you are living in a studio-type apartment, then you have to divide your space into two or three sections in some way. It could be kitchen/bedroom or kitchen/living room/private space. You can often install walls but that’s going to limit your space considerably so it’s better to invest in small dividers, instead. It could be a rug to signify where the living room is or a half-wall to indicate a clear partition while also serving as a means to support the couch. You could also decorate the walls with different Sasi Wallpaper for a more dynamic option. 

Limit your theme to three colours only

Using more colours is fun but it can be too chaotic for people who are not confident with their choices in a palette or are too conscious of colour theory. The best starting set of three colours is neutral palettes like white, charcoal grey, and brown. 

Black and white as well as other contrasting binary colours are terrible for interior designs so it’s better to have three neutral tones instead. If you want a more joyful tone with red, blue, and yellow then try pastels which is vivid enough to be eye-catching but soft enough to remain neutral to some degree.

Ensure that there is enough room to freely move around

Space is the key to functionality in a room but some people end up decorating too much, making the area a bit hazardous. One rule of thumb is that you should be able to transfer from the couch to the dining table or bed while blindfolded. This test will tell you how safe your home is even to the clumsiest person you know. If you hit a piece of furniture trying, then you have to move it or rearrange the room until it’s safe. 

Decorate blank walls

You will often notice big blank walls after rearranging all of your furniture in a functional manner. The best way to make those spaces interesting is to add a centrepiece that complements the rest of the room. It could be a hanging shelf with clutters, a wall-mounted picture of your family, or a piece of art. Sasi Wallpaper is great for complementing any wall decor so be creative. 

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