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At Sasi Wallpaper you will find a large range of wallpapers and printed murals with unique colours and bold patterns, suitable for all ages.

The Sasi Wallpaper shop provides easy access to readily available wallpaper and murals.

Sasi Wallpaper is home to the widest range of designer brand wallpaper including the very latest new collections and trends. Shop with us for a variety of lifestyle, nature, patterns and colours.

With free wallpaper samples, simple how-to guides and our expert in-store team will ensure that you buy the perfect wallpaper or mural. Our team’s guidance and can-do approach will inspire you with everything from classic interiors to the latest wallpaper trends.

Established in 2009 Sasi Wallpaper is a leader in supplying clients with exquisite wallpapers.

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Our passion for wallpaper sticks!

Wallpaper is the one product that changes your space with the least amount of effort.

If there is one thing that we believe at Sasi, it’s that wallpaper can make a difference in any space, no matter how large or small the area.

We will guide you through the many types of wallpapers — including various patterns, latest trends and which wallpapers suitable for specific areas.

Selecting a wall to wallpaper

When selecting a feature wall or statement wall to wallpaper it is important to consider which wall you notice first when you walk into the room. Your eye should settle onto this wall easily.

How much wallpaper should you use?

Wallpapers are manufactured with various pattern repeats and roll sizes.

Sasi Wallpaper will assist you to calculate the number of rolls for your wall project. For more technical areas an installer would need to be contacted to measure accurately.

Adding colour and interest to a wall in a reception, entrance, gym or living area uplifts the space immediately.

Create a story with a forest, waterfall or beach landscape mural on your feature wall. Murals transform your living space with the least amount of effort but with the most impact.

Personalising your space at home and office determines the mood of the room. The good news it’s easy to do. Sasi Wallpaper will help you to select and purchase an image from any online stock service (eg Adobe, Shutterstock, iStock, 123R etc) or use one of your own high-resolution pictures.

Wide offering

The wide offering of murals from realistic landscapes, visual textures like wood and concrete to graffiti are sure to meet everyone’s needs.

Sasi Wallpaper has an extensive offering of murals and we continue to develop our range.


Transform any wall with made-to-measure murals. Whether you’re looking to refresh your bedroom or revamp your office, choose from an abundance of designs and imagery for your bespoke wall mural.

Our wall murals are custom printed onto a texturised high-quality vinyl material that is wipeable and washable so you can create the ultimate feature wall.

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At Sasi Wallpaper you will find a large range of wallpapers and printed murals with unique colours and bold patterns, suitable for all ages.

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